Merry Mostyn Street – Who’s Behind it & What is it?

Friends of Mostyn Street is a Brand New, ‘Boots on the Ground’ Community Action Group, which is made up of business owners, managers and community minded folk of all ages and backgrounds.

The group was brought together with the shared desire to care for Llandudno’s townscape and green spaces, to support local businesses; build community links and encourage friendships. These aims are at our core and keep us motivated week in, week out.

Our first major initiative for businesses of Llandudno, across all sectors is a four-night late night Christmas shopping event called Merry Mostyn Street. The event will include a Christmas window display competition and trail around businesses in the town centre, with the aim of increasing footfall, dwell time and potential spend at this critical time of year.

We also aim to engage with families and the whole of the wider community to enjoy a traditional Christmassy atmosphere with choirs, live music and through these events and encouraging volunteering, we hope to forge strong partnerships and ensure the longevity and vibrancy of the town, and thereby avoid the fate of many other coastal towns.